Q: What is the name of the firm after merging with Bonnano Savino Davies & Ganley (BDSG)?

A: The name of the firm is Treeful Damaso Aniceto, Inc. (TDA)

Q: How does this merger affect me?

A: The merger increases our staff and resources to provide a more extensive client experience, for financial and tax consulting, planning and preparation for you and your business. You will continue to work with the same professionals you have in the past.

Q: Will my fee change for my tax return?

A: The fee structure remains the same, based on our hourly rates and the complexity of your returns, with our normal annual increase to cover our increasing costs due to cost of living.

Q: Will the firm maintain their existing locations?

A: Yes, the offices in Needham, Bourne and Framingham will remain open.

Q: Are there changes to the firm’s telephone numbers?

A: No, all phone numbers remain the same.

Q: Are there changes to the BDSG staff emails?

A: Yes, the new email addresses will be [first initial][last name]